Google prepares a free software for energy management

Google prepares a free software for energy management

As announced on its blog this week, Google is collaborating with private company Energy Inc to provide homes with free energy management software, which bypasses the need for smart meters from utility companies and potentially drives energy efficiency. .

Google launched a Web tool called PowerMeter in February, which allows consumers to monitor the amount of energy they use in their homes. Over the past few months, some consumers have tried the software.

Now, consumers can purchase Energy Inc's energy-consumption measuring device, called TED 5000, which costs about $ 200, and use it with Google's software, without the need for a smart meter.

The collaboration between Energy Inc and the philanthropic section of Google, aims to expand the consumer market. Although more and more utilities are installing smart meters in homes, they still make up a small percentage of all electricity meters in the US.

According to company statements, the collaboration is not exclusive and does not include financial terms. Google will continue to work with utilities with which it has partnerships, including San Diego Gas & Electric, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, and Germany's Yello Strom.

Internet giant Google is especially well known for its search engine and online advertising business, but it is making some inroads in green technologies as well.

Among his projects are ways to write software to connect hybrid vehicles that plug into the electrical grid and a mirror technology that could reduce the cost of building solar power plants by up to a quarter or more.

Some technology companies, such as Google and IBM Corp, are participating in the construction of an intelligent electrical network, with the aim of achieving a more efficient electrical network, which uses more energy from renewable sources and feeds 'smart' appliances.

Source: Reuters

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