Cheap flights Madrid - Marrakech

Cheap flights Madrid - Marrakech

EsayJet has launched from Madrid a new route for cheap flights Madrid - Marrakech.

The new easyJet base at Madrid-Barajas Airport already has an attractive new service. EasyJet is the only low-cost company that will operate with Morocco (in total there are 13 airlines that do so today, but none are classified as low-cost). Aside from the tourist appeal of the destinations, easyjet will likely absorb a good part of the demand from immigrants from Morocco.
Cheap flights Madrid - Marrakech: 30 euros
The starting price of the Madrid - Marrakech ticket that the company has announced is less than 30 euros. An offer that is below the usual prices of the other companies that operate with Morocco.
This easyjet initiative is also part of Morocco's efforts to attract tourism. Thus Morocco has designed a tourism plan until 2010 with the aim of reaching 10 million tourists
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