Top 10 iPad games

Top 10 iPad games

These are top 10 games for iPad according to experts at The Guardian Technology. What do you think?

Top 10 iPad games according to The Guardian

1. Across Age HD

A young warrior named Ales meets a wizard, Ceska, and together they must defeat Count Agrean, an evil wizard who is making large pieces of the kingdom disappear. It's done with style and humor, and the colorful 2D visuals are reminiscent of the early days of Zelda.

2. Baseball Superstars 2010 HD

A simplified and stylized version of this sport, which allows us to play a quick game or opt for League mode, in which we can unlock various monsters, vampires and demons to cheer on our team. The controls, redesigned for the iPad version, are very intuitive and fun.


3. Bit.Trip.Beat HD

Originally released as a WiiWare title. It is fundamentally Pong with a melodic soundtrack and some elements of action at a good pace. Just tilt the iPad to control movements, hitting musical notes as they cascade towards us.

4. GTA: Chinatown Wars HD

The content is the same as on the Nintendo DS and iPhone versions: We are the evil son of a slain Triad chieftain, performing high-octane missions for several different underworld characters. The difference is that, on a larger screen, with more intuitive use of the controls thanks to the touch screen and crisp HD images, Liberty City turns into a truly violent world.


5. Cut the Rope

It currently occupies the first position in the ranking of free and paid applications. The objective on each screen is to get the candy into the creature's mouth by strategically cutting the strings with which the candy is tied.

6. Headspin: Storybook

On each page of a fairy tale story we must correct the objects on one side of the screen to match those on the other side. It's very simple, but the visuals and the soundtrack are exquisite and it gets extremely complicated as we go along.


7. Monsters Love Gum

A game similar to a slot machine, in which up to four players can compete to eat gum balls as quickly as possible as they roll across the playing field. Before we begin, we must choose from a range of four different monsters, each with its own strengths and weaknesses; then it's just a matter of pressing the button to catch the passing rubber balls.

8. Robot Unicorn Attack HD

This bizarre fantasy game is one of the most popular browser games on the Adult Swim network, with over 30 million views since its original release in February. The goal is to lead an unstoppable unicorn as it gallops through the rainbow realm with Erasure's raucous electropop hit, 'Always'. The only controls are jumping and running; And the goal is to last as long as possible without crashing.


9. Super Mega Worm

In this game we are a giant worm, trying to eat as many people and animals as it can. We can control the aggressive bug with a small joystick (d-pad) that appears on the screen or with the accelerometer; and, when leveling up, we can also launch a saliva missile and hit the enemies.

10. Tilt To Live HD

Here the objective is to pilot a ship on the screen avoiding the deadly red dots and trying to pass over a range of objects and weapons that allow us to destroy the enemy red circles. The accelerometer controls are surprisingly precise, allowing experienced players to zigzag quickly around danger, then accelerate toward a grenade or freeze icon.

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