Hotels in Pamplona

Hotels in Pamplona

Iruña Palace Hotel Tres Reyes (****)
Gardens of the Taconera s / n. Pamplona
Tel: 948 226 600 / Fax: 948 222 930

This hotel was completely renovated 3 years ago. Within walking distance of the old part of Pamplona with all its bars and restaurants.

A relaxed and verypleasant hotel - 144 rooms, 8 suites and 8 junior suites.

TheNH Iruña Park Hotel (****)
Arcadio Mª Larraona, 1- 31008 Pamplona
Tel: +34 948.197119

A modern hotel near the University campus. 225 rooms, 6 suites and 28 junior suites.

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NH El Toro Hotel (***)
5 kms from Pamplona, ​​inBerrioplano on the Guipúzcoa road km 5 31195 Pamplona,
Tel: +34 948.302211

A pretty hotel in the countryside. Well equipped for business meetings.

Hotels with charm near Pamplona:

HotelPeruskenea (***)
Beruete (Basaburua Mayor) Navarra tel: +34 948 50 3370 Fax: +34 948 50 32 84

An easily accessible rural hotel in a large converted farmhouse (37 kmsfrom Pamplona) in a peaceful area. Excellent food. Some great traditional ciderrestaurants nearby. Good for exploring the surrounding countryside and Bereuteforest.

Olite Tourism Parador (***)
Plaza de Teobaldos 2, Olite (42 kms from Pamplona)
Tel: 948 740 000 Fax 948 740 201

Set in a wing of Olite castle which has a fairytale appearance in the middle of the old part of the city. This parador has recently been renovated and improved.

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