Studying the Tarot cards

Once the deck is chosen, the Marseille Tarot, which we will use for their study, we will focus on their Major Arcana, in order to work. in a quiet place, without noise or people talking or TV and concentrates and observes all the details:

- What type of character is it: young, old, various characters, man, woman, children, a religious man, a beggar, a nobleman ...

- What kind of objects appear on the card: a bishop's scepter, a royal crown, a throne, a mantle, a cup (full or empty), a sun or the moon, see if the character is barefoot, a knife, a sword, a scale, a jug of water, vegetation, ...

- See if the characters are outdoors or inside a house, see if they have ground under their feet, if they are sitting or standing, if they walk, if they look or go to the right or left ... It is also important to pay attention in the colors with which they are dressed or what color are the other objects, which appear on the chart. Each color has its meaning, which we will study later. Numbers are important too. Each number has its meaning and its cabalistic and astrological correspondence.

An example of the study of Tarot cards: Arcane I The Magician.

As you can see, the letters are loaded with a lot of information, which you must know how to extract, for a good interpretation. The more data you are able to annotate, the more information and nuances you capture, the better your interpretation will be. At the beginning it is good, that you write it down, because as you will have to combine several themes and aspects, it is difficult to combine them and extract the meaning. You get lost sometimes. Then you have to learn all the information that the letter gives you and keep it well in your head, to be able to put it into practice. You will not be able to practice until you have studied and delved into all the Major Arcana.

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Let's see an example and work with it Arcane I The Magician or Le Bateleur:

  • We see a young man, between 20 and 35 years old, in full possession of his strength. Your feet are looking one to the future and the other to the past, one is in red (action) and the other in blue (thought).
  • There is ground under your feet, that is, it rests on a good base, you have your feet on the ground, that is, it is earthly. He has possibilities for the future, because he is an intelligent, productive and creative person (the grass under his feet tells us).
  • He wears a hat, shaped like infinity. He has a table in front of him on which are all the elements and the 4 suits of the deck: air, fire, earth and water; and golds, cups, wands and swords. His blonde hair indicates wisdom.

Conclusion: This young man (20 to 35 years old) has everything in his hands, to take the path and the decisions that he likes. It has all the potential and intelligence to act correctly. Your possibilities are endless and you have everything to choose from what you want. You have all the knowledge, you progress without forgetting your past experience and you have the possibility to start from scratch and move forward. This card expresses absolute power. The most significant thing is that it has the barite or wands, which represents fire, with the hand raised. It is the figure of the alchemist, who is willing to do his great work, since he has all the elements to do it. Observe all the rules of wisdom. In the following lessons we will continue to delve into the meanings, gestures and objects of the Tarot cards.

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