Bush and Ana Botella

Bush and Ana Botella

Today the most powerful country in the world crowns George Bush II with the presence of Ana Botella. A gesture that would honor the councilor of the Madrid City Council is to excuse her attendance and express that she will continue in that line as long as the Bush administration has not normalized its relations with Spain.

Ms would not be without reasons. Let us briefly review the situation.

  1. Spain has proven to be one of the most stable and faithful allies of the United States in recent history (entry into NATO, support for the first war against Iraq…).
  2. The United States misled the Spanish people - and the rest of the world - by claiming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, a decisive factor in justifying the war against Iraq.
  3. Spain was the victim of one of the most brutal attacks of Islamic terrorism as a consequence of our direct involvement in the war. Today, it is the only European country with a high cost behind it.
  4. Spain continues to be exposed to terrorism due to the support of the Spanish military in Afghanistan.

That the United States has not normalized its relations with the Zapatero government, democratically elected by the Spanish people, is serious. But more serious is that those who have held the greatest responsibilities of government in Spain are accomplices of the situation.

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