How do I know if I have early menopause?

How do I know if I have early menopause?

Premature menopause: why it happens and what can be done

All women will go through menopause at some point in their lives, usually after age 45. But in some cases the menopause comes earlier. There is nothing that can be done to reverse premature menopause, but there is ways to treat your symptoms, and you can even have children. Keep reading to know more.

What tests can you tell if you are going through early menopause?

He analysis of hormone levels can help you determine exactly how the ovaries are working.

When there is still menstruation, but they are irregular, usually measured by a blood test the third day of the cycle. And if already no menstruation, the test can be done anytime.

But it is important to highlightSince during the menopause transition, hormones fluctuate a lot from month to month, it is not really reliable proof that menopause is beginning. It is indicative, but not conclusive. This is why some doctors sometimes recommend testing once and about a month later.

The hormonal tests that are usually measured are:

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone or FSH

FSH levels they rise when the ovaries stop producing enough estrogen, so high FSH levels can be a sign that you are entering menopause.

Normal FSH value on day 3 of the cycle is 3-20 mIU / ml, some FSH levels above 10 to 12 mIU / ml indicate that the ovaries are beginning to fail (perimenopause). Levels of about 30-40 or higher indicate menopause or ovarian failure.

  • Estradiol

When the ovaries begin to fail, estradiol levels in the blood begin to decrease.

Normal estradiol value on day 3 of the cycle is 25 to 75 pg / ml. Estradiol levels of 30 or less, along with a high FSH level (30-40 or more) is considered menopause.

Sometimes other ovarian hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, or luteinizing hormone can also be measured.

Many doctors also recommend checking the function of the thyroid gland when menopause is suspected, since many of the symptoms of thyroid disease overlap with the symptoms of menopause.

Why does menopause occur in young women?

There are several causes that can cause a woman to start menopause before age 45.

  • Genetics

Some women are born with very few eggs, and if youmother started the menopause to a early age, most likely you will too

  • Premature ovarian failure

It occurs when a woman's ovaries stop producing eggs and hormones. It is usually related to autoimmune disorders.

  • Surgical menopause

Some healthy conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cancer, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, eating disorders, and infections of the ovaries are also possible causes of early or premature menopause.

What are your symptoms?

Menopause symptoms are the same regardless of age to which it occurs.

Irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, lack of sex drive, irritability, painful sex, and vaginal dryness are usually the most common signs. But some women can continue to have normal periods without symptoms, and do not discover that they are menopausal until they have trouble getting pregnant.

The regular checkups and pelvic exams with the gynecologistthey are therefore important, especially for younger women who plan to eventually become pregnant.

How to treat early menopause

The standard treatment for early menopause is hormone therapy. It consists of giving the body a boost of estrogen, progesterone, or both hormones.

On some occasions, a combined oral contraceptive pill, which contains both estrogen and progesterone, and can also help prevent osteoporosis and brittle bones.

He best treatmentfor each case must be determined by the doctor.

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