Castle Combe, the most beautiful village in England

Castle Combe, the most beautiful village in England

Castle combe
Wiltshire (Castle Combe on Google Maps)

Many say that this small town is the most beautiful in England. The tranquility that is breathed is only disturbed by some tourists who daily make a quick visit.

Its beautiful houses and its medieval church offer a harmonious, balanced and beautiful set. Near the cross there are also some stone steps (to mount and saddle the horses).

Castle Combe has a beautiful hotel, The Manor House Hotel, built in the 14th century and on 365 acres of landscaped grounds (1.5 km2)

Many films have been shot in Castle Combe, including the 1966 musical Doctor Dolittle. There are many pretty towns in the UK, but Castle Combe certainly claims to be among the most beautiful.

What to visit in Castle Combe

  • The town museum is at the entrance, with a synthesis of the town's history.
  • The Dower House, the house of Doctor Dolitle in the filming of the movie.
  • The Market Cross, in the center of town,
  • The White Hart, the pub that has sold beer without interruption, is a local favorite for the last five centuries.
  • The Church, its first references date from 1291. The tower began in 1435, coinciding with the commercial boom of the town in the 14th century.
  • The War Memorial, built at the previous entrance to the churchyard in 1920 and inscribed with the names of the villagers who died in World War I.
  • The Bridge (the bridge), originally built in wood, but rebuilt in the 16th century.

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