Trend alert: Get a fake piercing like Kim Kardashian

Trend alert: Get a fake piercing like Kim Kardashian

Fashion changes so so so fast that making a trend something definitive in your life is perhaps too risky a decision ...

Because it is not the same that today they wear the shoulder pads and tomorrow the lycra shirts that, that today they wear having an earring in the septum and tomorrow in the lip, because you will not be drilling your body at the rate of trend.

Fortunately, we are in 2020 and everything has a solution. And for example there are Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid ...

Or was it that someone had thought that they had really pierced their bodies?

So if it had crossed your mind to pierce some part of your anatomy to follow fashion, I recommend that before doing so, go through a store (like Amazon, limonbay, eBay, etsy ...),buy a "fake" piercing and try.

That as Kim Kardashian says: "Don't put stickers on a Bentley". And I think with Bentley, she means herself ...

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