Meaning of Florencio name

Meaning of Florencio name

Florencio, male name of Latin origin "Florentius", its meaning is "He who flourishes"or"in bloom, flowery".

History and the Saint

Saint Florentius, monk. Ordained in Nursia, in charge of the abbot Saint Eutiquio. He led an exemplary life based on his deep faith that earned him a tribute in "The Dialogues of Pope Gregory the Great".

His Saint is celebrated on May 23.

Other Santos Florencio: Saint Florence, martyr is celebrated on November 10, May 11, June 5, July 15, July 25, October 10 and October 13; Saint Florentius, bishop and martyr on January 3; SanFlorencio, bishop on July 4, October 27 and November 7; among others.

Variant of Florencio

Florence female variants Florence; name of Florence: Florentine, Florentine.

Florencio in other languages:

  • Catalan: Florenci.
  • French: Florent.
  • Italian: Fiorenzo.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Florencio

  • Florencio Molina Campos, Argentine cartoonist, noted for his great mastery in narrating scenes and characters of Argentine culture.

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