Become the queen of low cost

Become the queen of low cost

The fashion weeks of New York, Paris or Milan are in charge each season of showing us their creations, and of falling in love with their designs.

But those unique pieces with which thousands of fashion victims They dream of having in their wardrobe not accessible to all budgets. But calm down, because the brands low cost make their designs accessible to us, through their clones.

Are you ready to freak out with the similarities between the products? low cost and the luxury ones?

Triple-S Sneaker by Balenciaga

If there is an exhausted product in every corner of the world, it is the Triple-S Sneaker by Balenciaga, and its price is nothing more and nothing less than 650Eur. If you want to get identical ones, but with a much lower price, Jessica Buurman sells them for $ 100.

Balenciaga Speed ​​Sneakers

Apparently this season has a king, and it is Balenciaga, who makes his followers fall in love with another model of sneakers, in this case the Speed ​​sneakers, with a price of 550Eur. But the Spanish firm Mango has already made sure that you do not run out of equal ones for 29.99Eur.

Gucci cardigan

Changing category, the Gucci cardigan ($ 3,000) already caused a sensation last season, and now the signatures low cost like Zara they give us the opportunity to have an identical model, with a not so identical price of 39.95Eur.

Slignback by Chanel

Going back to shoes we couldn't forget the classicsSlignback by Chanel (620, ooEur.), And of course the marks low cost They have released their own versions as Uterqüe for 89.00Eur.

Gabrielle Chanel Bag

Chanel this season pays tribute to the brand's creator with its new Gabrielle bag Chanel with a price of 3.700Eur. But peace of mind, because Amancio gives us the possibility of getting a clone in Zara for only 29.95Eur.

Chanel tweed bag

If you are one of classics, you cannot miss the Chanel classic tweed bag (3,600Eur.), And in Uterqüe you can get yours for 150Eur.

Gucci Belt Bag

For the outfits more casual bets on the trend of the season: The belt pouch. Gucci has its own design for 850Eur., But Stradivarius offers you its version low cost for 12.95Eur.

And which one do you prefer?

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