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Entrepreneurship is good for your health

Entrepreneurship is good for your health

Entrepreneurs are in better health.

A report published by Gallup, one of the most famous survey companies in the world, shows that employers are less likely to have health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and hypertension than other workers.

These findings are based on surveys of more than 273,175 American adults, of whom 6,896 were entrepreneurs.

Specifically, the researchers found that 19% of the employers surveyed were obese, compared to 25% of the rest of the workers. 12% of employers had high cholesterol, compared to 16% of other workers.
15% of employers suffered from hypertension compared to 18% of other workers, 4% had diabetes, compared to 5% of other workers.

Employers are also more likely to lead healthier lifestyles than other workers, to exercise frequently (60% vs. 54%) or eat fruits and vegetables regularly (61% vs. 55%).

One possible explanation for these differences may be that the discipline and energy required for entrepreneurs to start and run their own businesses can also lead to exercising and eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

On the other hand, the self-employed have the ability to set their own hours and thus may have more flexibility to exercise and plan healthy meals than those who work for someone else.

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