New Microsoft Tablet PC

New Microsoft Tablet PC

Microsoft's new offering is a small computer the size of a book that weighs less than a kilo, has a seven-inch touch screen, Intel processors and is equipped with the 'Windows XP Tablet PC' operating system and a high-performance hard drive. capacity. It belongs to the generation of ultraportable computers.

A mixture of laptop and iPod that has a battery for three hours -according to specialists it falls short- and with a price between about 600 and 1000 dollars, ideal to be used on trips, trips and prepared to access the Internet by means of a wireless connection.

Project Origami: one more step to try to introduce the concept of Tablet PC

Microsoft's Tablet PC concept did not achieve a massive introduction into the computer market after a few years. This new attempt called origami project It involves the development of a lighter laptop and with which you can continue to interact through the touch screen.

In any case, it should not be seen as a substitute for a PC but rather as an agenda or as a "third" computer (after the desktop and the conventional laptop). Users applaud the good letter recognition and software of the traditional tablet PC.

Microsoft is trying to integrate strategic partners into its Origami project that will allow it to advance its Tablet PC philosophy.

Participants in the Origami Project (ultraportable computers):

  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • Asustek Computer,
  • Founder Group the second largest computer manufacturer in China)

The philosophy of miniature devices such as Apple's iPod or Sony's PlayStation Portable console is gaining ground and is beginning to have its response through ultra-portable computers, also increasingly immersed in the world of mobile digital television or cameras.Topics related to New Tablet PC, Ultraportable Computers, Ipod, PSP, Origami ...

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