Federico Moccia love phrases

Federico Moccia love phrases

Federico Moccia, this Italian writer author of "Three meters above the sky", "Forgive if I call you love", and many books that have conquered the hearts of millions around the world has a collection of love phrases that it is impossible to leave to share, these are phrases of love from Federico Moccia.


  • You are there, high, unreachable. There where only lovers arrive: “You and I… Three meters above the sky.
  • I love you above all that we cannot see, above what we cannot know.
  • Love is like lightning, you don't know where it falls until it has fallen.
  • There is only one thing that has the power to change a person's life: love.
  • When a love ends, everything can be found, except why.
  • She, simple compost of that plant that often grows on the grave of a withered love. That rare plant whose name is happiness.
  • Lovesickness. It is not easily cured. There are no medicines. No remedies. Nobody knows when it will happen. You don't even know how much it hurts. Only time heals it.
  • Love makes ordinary people extraordinary.
  • You can't have everything in life; however, it is necessary to aspire to it, because happiness is not a goal but a lifestyle.
  • Love is a flower that no one has ever given you and that you will always remember. Whoever loves at first sight betrays with every look.
  • Every time you meet someone your life changes and, whether you like it or not, we have met, I have entered your life and you in mine. When you are so in love with a person it seems that no words, no surprise can be enough to make you understand.

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