Sleep disorders in children

Sleep disorders in children

Children can also suffer from sleep disorders. Many of the visits to the pediatrician are usually related to a problem related to sleep.

Lack of routine, stress, illness, some medications or overexcitement can cause sleep disturbance, these situations can occur in any family at any time.

The vast majority of pediatric experts stress the importance of developing a daily routine that will gradually help your baby sleep through the night.

Newborns alternate 24 hours a day between sleeping times (2 to 4 hours) and waking hours. As babies grow, and begin to sleep for a longer period without waking up to breastfeed, a routine in terms of timing of meals, games, walks, and breaks becomes important.

The nutrition

If your child has trouble sleeping, avoid foods that can increase his resistance to sleep. Among the foods to avoid are Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks, sweets, desserts with a lot of sugar and the typical fast food meals. If your child suffers from insomnia, take the opportunity to change the diet of the whole family, incorporating more vegetables and fruits. Try to give it light dinners, giving more prominence to breakfasts and meals. And before sleeping, offer him a glass of warm milk with honey.

Physical factors

Snoring, constipation, bed wetting, allergies, illness, or immaturity are all physical factors that can cause sleep problems.

Psychological factors

It is common that the little kids develop feelings of concern about being physically separated from their parents, fear of the dark etc. Depression, although less common than in adults, can be suffered by preschool children, school children and adolescents for various reasons. One of its manifestations is greater difficulty sleeping at night.

Teenagers they may have problems with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, problems in school, and other major problems. In the case of the little ones, it is important to talk about their fears with them to help them overcome them. In the case of adolescents, parents should try to keep communication channels open to jointly solve the problems that are the reason for not being able to sleep at night.

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