10 ways to make my turtle happy

10 ways to make my turtle happy

Turtles are very special and beautiful reptiles. If we have one or more pets It is worth taking into account some tips to take care of turtles. Here are some simple tips to avoid stress and keep our turtles happy!

1. Give them a fairly large terrarium or aquarium since that is going to be his house. We can decorate it with stones and terrarium or aquarium decorations.

2. They must have a place to get out of the water (the water ones) to dry if you want, it can be a rock, a large pebble, steps ...

3. Give them quality food, depending on the type of turtle: special turtle feed, dried turtle shrimp and even vegetables, fruit and fish (as long as it does not have seasoning, salt or oil and depending on the species)

4. Buy them a block of calcium or a cuttlefish bone and put it in the water or in the terrarium because it is essential for its growth and for its shell to be strong.

5. Find them a place where they get direct sun at least a while a day, since they need it so that the calcium is absorbed, if not, take them out and put them in a herd where they cannot escape and with something to get out of the water and put them in the sun, always where they cannot be reached by others pets (if we have) as they could harm them. Nor should they be in the sun all day and should always have a place to shelter from the sun if they do not want to take it.

6. Keep your terrarium or aquarium clean or clean it quite often, because they drink that water (the water ones)

7. Don't take them too much, especially if they are a little antisocial, that stresses them a lot and they could get sick or have anxiety.

8. Avoid the presence of other pets like cats and dogs, it tends to make them quite uncomfortable.

9. It will always be better if we have more than oneThat way they will keep each other company, as long as they don't get along with each other or fight, of course.

10. Consult an expert Whenever you have any questions (the pet store or preferably the vet) and if you see that something is wrong, do not hesitate to take it for an examination.

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