Plants that will help you sleep better and you can have in the bedroom

Plants that will help you sleep better and you can have in the bedroom

These 5 indoor plants not only help purify and eliminate toxins from the air in our homes but also have properties that help us sleep better. Another advantage they have is that they are also very easy to care for and maintain plants.

1. Aloe Vera


Among the many properties of Aloe Vera is the fact that it is an excellent air purifier in our home since it emits oxygen at night and absorbs carbon dioxide.

2. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most recommended plants to relax and promote sleep. This plant has a large number of active ingredients that are ideal for fighting insomnia. Its scent has been shown to slow down the heart rate and reduce anxiety levels.

3. Jasmine

The scent of jasmine improves the quality of sleep and can help reduce anxiety. Its smell has a calming effect and some studies have shown that it reduces anxiety levels.

4. Snake plant

This plant emits oxygen at night while you are asleep and helps filter toxins from the home and purify the air.

5. English ivy


It is a beneficial plant especially for those who have respiratory problems and asthma. Various studies have shown that this plant is capable of reducing 60% of toxins and 58% of waste from the air in our home.

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