Phrases in Portuguese

Phrases in Portuguese

Words, words that do not rise or wind ...

We are famous, curta, pretty, sad, romantic, pretty, silly ... Phrases for me, phrases for the country. Some are famous quotes ...

Outras are beautiful and unfamiliar. As melhores, so that you end up ... Some bring a touch of humor, other powers use them for inspiration of your poetry, to unleash and congratulate. So it makes you remember, deep down you will think and meditate. You will be able to use the numa farewell, um adeus ... Resistem or paper of letters, computers, cell phones ... You can send by message, messenger, fax, cell phone ...

Words, some are free, other lost in the street, embedded in cinema, in songs, in dictionaries ... We can be nice ... Servem for dedications, to ask for forgiveness ... São sad, happy, magical, ironic, melancholic. ..

Words wrapped in poetry, rhymes, eternal poems ... Têm force to conquer hearts. We can also be engenious, emotional, painful, otimistic, philosophical, poetic ... For apaixonados, countries, masters, women, filhos, irmãos, friends ... Motivators of noble instincts: friendship, generosity, love, affection, affection, gratitude, consolation, tenderness, happiness ... Motivating life, forçae até loucas de paixão ... Epics for your special moments ...

Sãoimportant ou absurd, evokes peace, freedom ... Ou reminded us of WoodyAllen and Groucho Marx. Seduzem-te e levam à loucura de Romeo e Julieta, ou te provcam indifrença.

Servem for or Valentine's Day, or Natal, no day of mãe, do pai, in nosso anniversário ... ou para, depois de muito think-it, atirá-las à papeleira ... Dão-tepena ou te dão ânimos ... We can express yourself in Italian, English, Catalan, Galician, Spanish ... Dão-te as boas noites ou os bons dias.

São pretty or indifferent, colam-se na solidão, em teutrabalho e em tu vida. Sometimes it serves to seduce, dedicate and ask for beijos..São para laughter, for a remembrance and for or esquecimento.Brigam-se to conquer amizade, sometimes to claim vingança. We can use religious, profane, daring, beautiful, anthological phrases ...

São só ... words ...

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