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Lack of sleep makes us fat

Lack of sleep makes us fat

Having a regular sleep pattern influences the amount of body fat.

A Brigham Young University study, which has been published in the journalAmerican Journal of Health Promotion, show how getting up and going to bed at the same time every time could help keep us at our ideal weight.

Furthermore, the research results also showed that Sleep a little (less than 6.5 hours) or a lot (more than 8.5 hours) is related to a increased body fat. Women who slept between 8-8.5 hours each night had less body fat, so the time variation that determines whether to gain weight or not is 90 minutes.

Sleep, physical activity, and body fat were monitored for 330 women aged 17-26 years for one week. The authors found that irregular sleep patterns and low sleep efficiency are related to adiposity.

Having a poor quality of sleep could be related to hormonal imbalances. Poor sleep would affect hormone levels related to feeling full. So having consistent sleep patterns, including getting enough sleep, can be important in modifying the risk of excess body fat in young adult women.

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